Use of cookies

What information do we have and why?


We make on our website using “First party” cookies. These are cookies that are set by the site itself and can be read only by the site itself. These cookies are used for functionality of the site.
Easy starting point is always to collect information only when strictly necessary. We register no unnecessary data via the website.

Google Analytics
Do we use cookies for Google Analytics that enables us to understand the use of our website. On the processing in the context of Google Analytics is the privacy policy of Google.
This can be found at the Google cookies you will find more information on # overview.

At this time we do not use other cookies. If, in the future, all cookies are used, then these are so-called functional session cookies. These cookies are functional cookies, intended to the website to work properly. For example, determine whether your device
(computer, tablet or smartphone) the website. In addition, a temporary cookie are used to a (contact) form to send to us and (automated) to prevent misuse. For the use of session cookies is not required for the internet user first to ask permission.
The session cookies are removed after shutting down your browser.